Intuitive and customizable

Customize how you want it to look with intuitive menus and controls

Simple to use

Easily add websites from the browser toolbar icon or manually from the homepage


Use it with mouse, keyboard and touch in your favorite desktop (and even some mobile) browsers


SwiftDial can automatically generate website images, screenshots and icons

Privacy friendly

Choose what the extension has access to in your browser with the help of permissions

You can always:

  • Install and use SwiftDial with popular ( 🖥️ desktop and some 📱 mobile) web browsers
  • Add, remove, edit and reorder sites on the SwiftDial homepage
  • Open, close, switch to auto-hidden mode and then invoke menu panels
  • Use custom images as site thumbnails
  • Set the dimensions and roundness of site tiles as well as the gaps between them
  • Set site background color and opacity
  • Set the width of the site tiles area, spacing from the edges of the homepage and site tiles alignment
  • Add site border and set its width and color
  • Add site titles and set their position, size, color, as well as the color and opacity of their background
  • Liven up the appearance of the home page with the mouse hover effects
  • Choose where the main menu is supposed to be on the homepage - top, bottom, vertically on the left side or vertically on the right side
  • Hide the main menu to enjoy your speed dial without distractions
  • Choose a background color of the SwiftDial homepage
  • Use one image or a slideshow of several images as the SwiftDial homepage background
  • Use images from the built-in gallery as the SwiftDial homepage background
  • Use custom images as the SwiftDial homepage background
  • Choose the Light, Dark and High Contrast menu themes
  • Choose the Auto menu theme that adapts to your system preferences
  • Choose any of the more than 3 million colors of the Customizable menu theme
  • Set opacity of the menu panels background
  • Create, edit and reorder site groups
  • Pin site groups to the homepage
  • Move sites between site groups
  • Open all sites in a site group in new tabs in one click
  • Open sites in current and new tabs and windows
  • Copy site links
  • Easily share site links on social media
  • Choose between English, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese languages
  • Use the extension with a mouse, a keyboard and touch devices
  • Backup/restore settings and sites
  • Reset settings and sites to the default state
  • Be sure that your settings and sites are stored on your device and are not being sent anywhere else
  • Manage SwiftDial's permissions

You can permit to:

  • Add sites to the homepage using the SwiftDial icon on the browser toolbar
  • Automatically generate site images or icons
  • Generate site screenshots
  • Add images as site thumbnails or as hompage backgrounds directly from web pages or by supplying their web addresses
  • Open sites in new private windows