Our advantages

  • Cross-browser . Guaranteed website compatibility with popular browsers
  • Responsive design . Great-looking sites and apps on any modern devices and screens
  • High productivity . Ready for use, functional solutions in a short time

Website and app development

Landing Page

A one-page website to promote your business or product. The most comfortable way for a client to learn about you and your offerings.

Time: 1-2 weeks

Price: from $77

Business Card

A small multipage website for organisations with several activities. Put information about your services on separate pages.

Time: 2-3 weeks

Price: from $154

Interactive Website

A Landing Page or a Business Card that contains interactive elements on its pages. For example: an ordering form or a price calculator

Time: from 2 weeks

Price: from $231

Specialised Website

A website of any complexity set up especially for your activity. The price is directly dependent on requested functionality.

Time: from 1 month

Price: from $616

PC or Mobile App

App development for Windows, Android, iOS.

Time: from 4 months

Price: from $1232

Landing Lite

A Landing Page with the standard design. Does not require a design template. It's possible to choose text and background color of elements.

Time: 1-2 weeks

Price: $77

  • The prices are for development based on an existing design template. If you want to order such template from us, you can find the pricing below.

  • We test our websites in these browsers: Google Chrome (starting at version 30), Mozilla Firefox (starting at version 25), Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 10-11), Microsoft Edge.

  • Web-hosting and domain registration fees are separate from development price and depend on chosen providers, their terms and time period.

    For example: the price of Beget's «Blog» tariff plan together with a .com domain is around $42 per year.

  • The development price includes creating standard site icons for browsers. The icon image can be supplied by you or created out of your logotype.

Other services

Design Template For Website Or App

Creating design template for your website or app.

Time: from 2 weeks

Price: from $154


Animations and effects for your website or app. Stand out from your competition.

Time: from 2 weeks

Price: from $154

Social Networks

Adding social buttons and media-snippets. For more effective promotion of your business.

Time: from 2 days

Price: from $11

Multilanguage Support

Setting up a website to support multiple languages.

Time: from 1 week

Price: from $77

Text Translations

Text translations from English to Russian and from Russian to English.

Time: from 2 days

Price: from $9 for 1800 symbols (1 page)

Support For Outdated Web-browsers

Setting up a website to support outdated versions of Internet Explorer web-browser (from 9 to 5).

Time: from 1 week

Price: from $77

Photoshop Services

Creating templates for promotional brochures, banners, business cards, etc. Picture and photo editing.

Time: from 2 days

Price: from $11

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